Veined dong slim 8" lipstick

Veined dong slim 8″ lipstick

Long, slim, and ready for action, this realistically designed dildo caters to those of you who like or need a thinner shaft for your arousal.

Doc Johnson does it again, with another expertly crafted dildo in the Radiant Gems collection, proving that beauty and quality can go hand in hand.

This svelte piece begins with a small, realistically shaped penis head, complete with contoured sides and a ribbed neck that tapers in slightly. The shaft is adorned with raised veins that cover the entirety of the piece, save for the head, and offer an uncanny lifelike look and feel upon penetration.

The incredibly smooth shaft is a delight to use, and the soft material offers total flexibility and control while retaining its sturdy and solid construction for sublime comfort.

Non-toxic, antibacterial, and latex and cadmium free, this piece is wonderfully coloured and softly scented, making it a treat for all your senses.