Glass sex toys are functional

:: and good looking, so it’s no surprise that many women use such toys as decorative stuff. The double-ended glass toys are some of the best-sellers of such kinds of sex toys. These are amazing creations of strong and safe Pyrex and they are going to bring you and your partner to climax as quickly as you want. They come in a great spectrum of colours and some are even curved so that you can stimulate your G spot with ease. The anal glass toys come in different widths so that everyone can find the glass anal toy that is just right for their body. There are butt plugs of different lengths with beads and some with a rainbow of different colours. They are all beautiful and sure to please the most incredible fantasies.

Speaking about bondage

:: and fetish, let’s first consider these two notions separately. There are many various kinds of fetishes. It depends on the object being fetishized. Inanimate fetishes come in three varieties – animate, media and form. Media fetishes include latex, rubber, leather and silk. With a form fetish, it’s the shape of the object with great significance. Knee-high boots and lingerie fall into this category. Such body parts as feet, hair, butts, breasts and all that good stuff are also considered fetishes, but as these objects are human, they are called animate fetishes. People can turn anything into a fetish. There are different degrees of fetishism – from mild to extreme bondage. Bondage and fetish are inseparable notions.

Ask the first who comes

:: along with what adult movies among adult DVD collections he knows. A high probability is that he will name three classic motion pictures of the 70s: Behind the Green Door, Deep Throat and The Devil in Miss Jones. Unusually brutal, shocking in some places, this outstanding film by Gerard Damiano made many reconsider their relationships with beloveds and of course this movie from the adult DVD collection has changed our conception of the adult motion picture. The ideas, revealed in The Devil in Miss Jones got the subsequent development in films by Pierre Woodman and hundreds of other eminent directors. You will become a witness to tough double penetration scenes, extreme masturbation and ambiguous end! You will enjoy the movie from our adult DVD collection.