Copy of real penis

:: Dildo is a copy of a real penis. This type of sex toy varies greatly: from realistically shaped dildos with a suction cup to cyber skin dildos with vibrating devices. Cyber skin is one of the revolutionary materials in the world market of the sex toys industry. The appearance of cyber skin allowed us to make dildos that imitate sensations from touches to real human skin to the maximum. Cyber silicon has two unique properties: firstly, it is extremely elastic which provides the possibility to return the material to its initial state even after strong deformation. Secondly, this revolutionary material is able to combine simultaneously softness of skin and harshness of erected issue in erected state. Cyber skin dildo proved to be the most high quality and long-lasting sex toy which do not need special care.

 Types of dildo

:: There are dildos of different sizes and shapes that allow choosing the device of corresponding length and diameter, meeting your sexual passions, demands and anatomic peculiarities. Realistic dildo is a copy of real people, as a rule, famous porno stars. Such sex toys are replicas of the genitals of a peculiar person, that’s why such dildos are appreciated by adult toys lovers. Double-headed dildo is initially intended for lesbian love. Its flexible shaft allows you to bend the dildo in the way you want to, so this sex toy may be used for anal and vagina stimulation. Dildo Harness has a flat foundation due to which it is easy to use as a dildo. An anal dildo may be used for stimulation of vagina stimulation, but it is created especially for anal stimulation, to which its size and smooth shape correspond to. A dildo serves for sensibility increase during sex due to contact of anus walls with a vagina. Dual-action dildo is intended for simultaneous anal vaginal sex, representing two dildos in one. This sex toy guarantees double pleasure. During simultaneous anal vaginal excitement, a woman gets an unforgettable orgasm.

Oldest dildo

:: The oldest dildos were found in tombs of ancient Egypt. They were made of loam. As Egyptian aristocracy was buried only with the most valuable things (which could be useful in a better world), so it is obvious, that dildo was of great importance for Egyptian women. For material considerations, not so many dildos were made of gold or silver. In the Middle Ages, sealing wax was widely spread. It absorbed body warmth and became a little bit soft creating a natural sensation. Primitive tribes used loam: unglazed for common people and glazed for leaders’ wives. During active use, loam could break into pieces what led to a painful procedures.