The material

:: G spot vibrator is made of, is of great importance. It may be from plastic, metal or latex and rubber. Such sex toys will be right for weak sensitive or deep located G spots. But if you are enough sensitive, you’d better use a silicone or jelly G spot stimulator. Sex toys with cyber silicone attachments are also great. There are also G spot stimulators with pulsating vibration, as well as toys with rotation. Such models are usually non-vibrating. You can control not only rotation speed but also angle and depth of curve. Whether you are going to use a special G spot stimulator or you are not, to achieve the best effect, you should experiment with what frequency of pushing suits you most.

Every woman

:: should choose G spot massager based on her own physiological peculiarities. G spot vibrator should be enough long if in your case G spot is deep, but if it is close to the vaginal orifice probably it will be easier for you to use shorter stimulators. If slight pressure is enough for you, use a G spot stimulator with a slightly defined curve. If you need stronger stimulation, use a sharply curved G spot sex toy. One of the most important criteria of good sex is the orgasm of both partners. It is great when both lovers are able to satisfy each other. But what can we do if one of the partners wants to give special sensations to another one? A woman will be in the seventh heaven during G spot stimulation. Use sex toys for striking effect!

G spot position

:: does not allow to enable it during sex. Excluding cases, when the penis has a curved shape during erection. That is why you should choose a special position for G spot stimulation. Usually, a position from behind is advised, or woman on top when she can control movements of the partner. The most effective stimulation is reached with the help of special G spot vibrators. There is a wide spectrum of such sex toys today. Before buying, it’s better to study your body and sensations. The peculiarity of G spot vibrators is their curved shape. They may have either slightly or sharply defined curves. G spot stimulators may be thin as a pencil, or thick, short or long.